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Foot & Hand Reflexology
What will happen in my first session?
Your first appointment will include a thorough consultation in which we will develop an individual treatment plan. There will also be the chance to ask any questions and to discuss your aims. This will be followed by a treatment for up to 1 hour.

During the treatment you will be reclined on a comfortable couch, encouraging a peaceful and enjoyable treatment.

How long will the treatment last?
The first session will last for around 1 hr 15 mins, and subsequent treatments for approximately 1 hour.

How often should I have treatments?
The majority of cases benefit from weekly treatments to start off with, as this ensures continuity and a chance for improvements.

Will I be having both foot and hand reflexology?
This can be discussed during your consultation. The majority of people I work with will have foot reflexology, although sometimes it is beneficial to include hand reflexology during the session, especially if the client is very unwell. Hand Reflexology can also be particularly beneficial if you are suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, circulatory issues or Repetitive Strain Injury.

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